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Harry Moss Park

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Condition Short Report Post date Name
Dry/Packed OPEN 3 years 11 months ago Howard Kincaid
Muddy (do not ride) CLOSED 3 years 12 months ago Howard Kincaid
Tacky OPEN 4:30 8/27 3 years 12 months ago Howard Kincaid
Muddy (do not ride) CLOSED due to rain 3 years 12 months ago Cash Lopper
Tacky Tacky in spots with some Silt 4 years 2 days ago Howard Kincaid
Muddy (do not ride) Closed 8/18 4 years 1 week ago Howard Kincaid
Muddy (do not ride) Recieved much needed rain 4 years 1 week ago Howard Kincaid
Dry/Packed Good 4 years 2 weeks ago Howard Kincaid
Dry/Packed OPEN very little rain 4 years 1 month ago Howard Kincaid
Dry/Packed Still dry 4 years 1 month ago Howard Kincaid
5.00 miles


Harry Moss Park
7601 Greenville
75231 Dallas, TX
United States
32° 53' 13.3044" N, 96° 45' 22.8024" W


Turn into Buckeye Beverages parking lot.  Go left of Building into Gated Rock Parking lot at Soccer Field

Trail Type

Single Track, 5 connected loops, counterclockwise

Land Manager

City of Dallas Parks and Recreation Department (PARD)


5 am --11 pm


Harry Moss Park Trail is the product of a partnership between the City of Dallas and DORBA. As of November 2010 construction of the off-road bike trail began. It is 5.46 miles long. Harry Moss Park Trail is currently comprised of 5 connected “loops” – BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE, BLACK, ORANGE and the Yellow By-Pass. All trails are mostly in the trees, providing for some tight and twisting areas with some long flowing areas, Dips, Dirt Mounds, Tree Gates, 7 Wooden Bridges, and some short Hills. A number of areas of the trail come close to the edge of White Rock Creek, making for a very pleasant environment. This is a multi-use trail so please be considerate of all other trail users.

Blue Loop------- 5,606 Ft. = 1.06 Miles
Yellow By-Pass- 1,295 Ft. = .24 Mile
Green Loop------ 5555 Ft. = 1.05 Mile
Purple Loop----- 8,127 Ft. = 1.54 Miles
Black Loop--------- 808 Ft. = .15 Mile
Orange Loop---- 8,718 Ft. = 1.65 Miles
White Tot Loop-- 135 Ft. = .025 Miles

Nearest Hospital

Presbyterian Hospital 8200 Walnut Ln. Dallas, Tx. 75231 (Corner of Walnut Hill and Greenville Ave.)

Turn left out of parking lot onto Greenville Ave. go thru 2nd light (Walnut Hill) next Rt. turn Into Hospital. Follow ER Signs.

Park Rules

  • Helmets Must Be Worn While on Bikes
  • Vehicles restricted to Parking Lot
  • No Overnight Camping
  • No Littering
  • Possession of Alcoholic Beverages in open Container is prohibited in City of Dallas Parks
  • No Destruction of Plants or Property
  • Keep Dogs on Leash at all Times and Remove all Pet Dropping from Trail